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Celluloid Social Club April 17 celebrating National Canadian Film Day

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Screening Great Canadian Short Films in Celebration of

With Special Guests 2019 Oscar Nominees and Canada Screen Awards Winners David Fine & Alison Snowden (ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR)

Join the Event at:

Doors – 7:30pm Show – 8:00pm No Minors.
The ANZA Club, #3 West 8th Ave. at Ontario St., Vancouver, BC
Free Parking/close to Broadway/Main St bus routes/Skytrain
pay what you can sliding scale $5-$10 cash at door.

HOSTED by David C. Jones
Produced by Paul Armstrong
Technical Direction by Anaïsa Visser
Volunteer Coordination by Emily Weldon
Webmaster & Hot Shot Shorts Producer Robin Chan

ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR written and directed by David Fine & Alison Snowden and produced by Michael Fukushima. This 14 minute NFB animated comedy is about a group therapy session, with animals. It features an all Vancouver voice cast and was created in Kitsilano. Animal Behaviour was a 2019 Oscar nominee and a Canadian Screen Award winner and has also won numerous awards around the world.

THE GRAND GAMBLE, directed and produced by John R Taylor, Executive Producer Bill DeGrazio, DOP James Gill (Vancouver), DOP Chris Oliver (Cobourg), Edited by Rob Smith & Ruggero Romano, starring Michael Karl Richards is Mayor Stuart Mackechnie. Town Councillors are Jerry South as D’Arcy Boulton, Lee Tockar as Henry Ruttan, Simon Webb as William Weller, and Guy Fauchon as John Beatty. Bronwen Smith is Mrs Boulton. Forbes Angus is Prime Minister Sir Alan MacNab, and Chris Walters is Architect Kivas Tully. Documentary, 2018 – THE GRAND GAMBLE tells the story of ‘why’ and ‘how’ Victoria Hall in Cobourg, Ontario, came to be one of Canada’s most impressive civic buildings.
The premiere screening of this film about Victoria Hall took place on September 18, 2018 in the Concert Hall of that very building – playing to an audience of 250, with the Director, John R Taylor, present.

CC Written & Directed by Kailey Spear and Sam Spear, Produced by Natasha Wehn, Lauren Beason, Victoria Burkhart, DOP Nelson Talbot and Graham Talbot, Music by Leonty, starring Jewel Staite (CC) and Sharon Taylor (Lena). Sci-Fi/Drama, Crazy8s 2018, 14 minutes – In this suspenseful sci-fi, an AID (Artificially Intelligent Device) by the name of CC, has been leased by a nanny agency to Lena to help care for her daughter. When a violent incident occurs between CC and Lena, an investigative team is tasked with determining exactly what happened.

The Spear sisters also hope to be able to share the teaser for the their most recent short film: ALIEN: ORE

THE LIGHTSABER MAKER written & directed by Jeremy Brown, produced by Jessica Rivers and Lori Zei, DOP Jason Irish, music by Shawn Penner, starring Scott Patey as Valin Horn. 11 min., Mockumentary, 2018 – Valin Horn is the galaxy’s only maker of artisanal lightsabers. This is his story.
Winner – Best Mockumentary at the Canadian International Comedy Film Festival
Winner – Best Mockumentary at the Portland Comedy Film Festival
Winner – Best Mockumentary at the Falcon International Film Festival
Winner – Best Actor (Scott Patey) at the Azure Lorica Fan Film Awards
Nominated – Best Film at the Azure Lorica Fan Film Awards
Official Selection – Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival
Official Selection – GeekFest Year 6


Celluloid Social Club March 10 – Special Presentation of COOL DADDY

COOL DADDY, featuring legendary jazz singer
Kenny Colman and son Chase Colman,
premieres on the documentary Channel March 10 & 12.
Watch it live at a special screening party at the
Celluloid Social Club on Sunday March 10. Doors 7pm. Screening 9pm.

The musical story of a man desperately trying to be a good father after a lifetime spent trying to be a great star.

You’ve seen the COOL DADDY trailer at the Celluloid Social Club, and even legendary jazz singer Kenny Colman and his son Chase Colman in person at the show, but now it’s time to watch the full documentary! Please join us this Sunday, March 10 for a special Celluloid Social Club screening of COOL DADDY on the CBC’s documentary Channel. Doors 7pm, screening 9pm at the ANZA Club, #3 West 8th Avenue. Free to attend. Cash bar. Free popcorn. Hosted by David C. Jones. If you can’t join us in person, watch it on the CBC’s documentary Channel 6pm/9pmPT and 9pmET on March 10, with repeats on March 12. More info:

COOL DADDY tells the story of Chase Colman, son of legendary jazz singer Kenny Colman, as he tries his hand at singing in an attempt to reconcile with his ailing father. A story about parents and children, COOL DADDY is also the story of how a certain brand of 1960s cool, at once toxic and alluring, has sustained itself in younger generations.

From the filmmaking team of Sandra Tomc and Roger Larry (Citizen Marc, Crossing), COOL DADDY is directed by Roger Larry (Citizen Marc, Crossing); written by Roger Larry and Sandra Tomc (Citizen Marc, Crossing); produced by Paul Armstrong (Lawrence & Holloman), Roger Larry, and Sandra Tomc; executive produced by Earl Hong Tai (Citizen Marc), Bruce Cowley, and Chris Phillips (Send Us Smokes, Counter Act); and assistant produced by Michael De Santis.
Cool Daddy was funded by CBC’s documentary Channel, CMF, and Creative BC.

Launching today in a lead up to the broadcast is ‘Kenny’s Jazz Pad’, an immersive and interactive site where you can find out more about COOL DADDY. It features extensive video, including a short doc on Kenny Colman’s glamorous career and his celebrity pals; a behind-the-scenes doc where director Roger Larry discusses how masculinity in this movie is communicated from father to son; the trailer; plus Chase Colman performing in an early 1960s style Vegas lounge featured on the site. Funded in part by the CMF POV program.

Next Celluloid Social Club Wed Nov 21


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

 Screening Great Short Films

 SPECIAL GUEST: UWE BOLL  (‘F*CK YOU ALL: The Uwe Boll Story’ doc screening at Whistler Film Festival)

 And introducing the #Crazy8sFilms19 TOP 40

 Celluloid Social Club presented in part by StoryHive

Join the Event:

The ANZA Club, #3 West 8th Ave. at Ontario St., Vancouver, BC

Doors 7:30pm Show 8:00pm No Minors

Free Parking/close to Broadway/Main St bus routes/Skytrain


pay what you can sliding scale $5-$10 cash at door.



THE UNDERTAKER’S SON written & directed by The Affolter Bros., produced by Rebeka Herron and The Affolter Bros., DOP Graham Talbot & Nelson Talbot (CC, Lawrence & Holloman), music by Daniel Séguin starring Louis Ferreira (Motive, Breaking Bad), Darien Provost (Super Bodies, iZombie). 14 min., Western/Drama, Crazy8s 2017 – Despite his desire to do anything but, Christopher Redding is attending work with his father for the first time to learn the macabre family business. When the duo is faced with a tragic death, Christopher is pushed to his breaking point, revealing a deeper conflict that simmers just below the surface.
Awards: 2017 Edmonton International Film Festival Best Canadian Short Award, 2018 Yorkton Film Festival Best Drama Golden Sheaf Award, Nominated for 9 Leo Awards, including Best Short Film, Best Direction, Best Screenwriting, & Best Actor.

KARAOKE MAMAS directed by Andrea Bang (Kim’s Convenience), Diana Bang (The Interview), starring Eun Sook Choi, Soon Ja Hwang, Mi-Young Yu, Bryan Chung, Sang Il Jong, Young Soon McLellan. Telus StoryHive 2018. In hopes of winning a new TV, a newly divorced 62 year old Korean woman enters the Joy Karaoke Competition in Surrey, B.C. with her two best friends, but ends up being faced with the prospect of losing more than just a TV.

Followers: Wifi Interrupted, Directed by Milton NG, Written by Milton Ng, Produced by Jonathan Endo, Willan Leung, Charmaine Tam, Milton Ng, DOP: Adam Mars, Starring Milton Ng, Shayn Walker, Jonathan Mubanda, Jeffrey Wolfgang, Mike Li, Kimi Alexander, Kat Ruston, 10 min, 2018 – YouTube-Man leads the Followers, a group of superheroes based on today’s most popular social media, including Twitter-Man, Snapchat-Man, Facebook-Man and Instagirl. The Follower’s greatest enemy is the Hater, who threatens to destroy Wifi-City’s internet by knocking out all the telecommunications. It’ll be up to the Followers to work together if they want to take down Hater before it’s too late.

SOGGY FLAKES written, directed, produced & animated by The Affolter Bros., DOP Thomas Affolter, music by Steffan Andrews, starring Peter New (My Little Pony), Cole Howard (Mega Man: Fully Charged), April Cameron (The Philosophy of Phil) & David C. Jones (iZombie). 5 min., Animation/Comedy, 2017 – In a low-carb, sugar-free, gluten-intolerant world, a group of out-of-work breakfast cereal mascots form a support group to lament the golden ages of yesteryear and figure out how to swallow the bitter taste of reality.
Awards: Grand Prize Storyhive Animation round, Nominated for 3 Canadian Screen Awards (Best Web Program, Best Direction in a Web Program, Best Actor in a Web Program – Peter New), Nominated for 2 Leo Awards including Best Short, Winner of Best Animation award at 2018 Ridgefield Independent Film Festival.

SAME BOAT directed & written by David C Jones, music by Peter Abando, produced by ODE Movements and DCJ Productions, DOP Kenneth Lau, costume design by Bailey Soleil Creed, starring Anna Hagan, Jenn Suratos and Cathy Wilmot. 13 min – musical (2015/17) Elizabeth is shocked when a pair of musical lesbians show up at the bed & breakfast she manages with her indifferent husband. They inspire her in an unexpected way.

‘WIND & FIRE, by DAUGHTER of the MOON’ music video directed by Nathanael Vass written by Nathanael Vass & Natalie Ramsay, produced by Nathanael Vass & Natalie Ramsay, DOP Nathanael Vass, music by Daughter of the Moon (Natalie Ramsay) starring Natalie Ramsay & Nathanael Vass, 4 min, 2018 – On a meditative retreat, a woman (Natalie Ramsay) encounters the bittersweet memories of a lost relationship.  Shot on Salt Spring Island in a dreamy mix of digital and Super 8mm film stock, “Wind & Fire” is the latest micro-budget effort from director Nathanael Vass, who also appears in the video’s vérité-like 8mm flashback sequences.  Ramsay’s sumptuous voice and lyrics accent the combative nature of memory and the mélange of joy and pain evoked by Vass’s visual storytelling.

Trailer for FIVE MINUTE RUSH, initially shot as a pitch piece. After a very successful festival run, the film went on to earn several nominations, wining several awards. Actor/Writer/Director- Steve Baran went on to further develop the project. Exploring all avenues, he wrote the feature screenplay, as well as a pilot for a TV series adaptation. After completing both a feature film proposal, and show bible, the project is finally pitch perfect. What evolved from the 31 minute short film, is a now a hardcore action/crime/thriller that interweaves several storylines examining the government agencies that regulate the country, and the powerful criminals that run the illegal drug trade. The story and action sequences, backed by raw intelligent performances, will take the audience on a hard hitting, action packed, nail-biting adrenaline ride.