Past Show: Tuesday September 22

The CELLULOID SOCIAL CLUB presented in association with ETCH MEDIA 

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Hosted by leading film critic KATHERINE MONK

Short Films by Filmmakers with films screening at VIFF and

PREVIEWS of films screening at The Vancouver International Film Festival ( with filmmakers in attendance  And a selection of great short films including  CRAZY8s films in anticipation of CRAZY8s 2016  submissions starting October 17 ( plus Episode 1 of the web series Coded

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Arrive approx 6:15pm.

Free Entry & Drink. If interested:

Doors – 7:30pm      Show – 8:00pm       No Minors.

The ANZA Club, #3 West 8th Ave. at Ontario St., Vancouver, BC

Free Parking/close to Broadway/Main St bus routes/Skytrain


pay what you can sliding scale $5-$10 cash at door.

Twitter: @celluloidsocial



Produced by PAUL ARMSTRONG    


Technical Directionby ANAISA VISSER

Hot Shot Shorts Contest Producer / Webmaster ROBIN CHAN

Associate Producer STEPHANIE HALBER


Vancouver, B.C…The CELLULOID SOCIAL CLUB, monthly screenings featuring the best in independent provocative short films since 1997 followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker followed by networking & socializing. No Minors. Prizes galore.

A RED GIRL’S REASONING by Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Crazy8s 2012 – After the justice system fails the survivor of a brutal, racially-driven sexual assault, she becomes a motorcycle-riding, ass-kicking vigilante who takes on the attackers of other women who’ve suffered the same fate – VIFF 2012 and over 16 other festivals;  Best Canadian Short Drama- ImagineNATIVE Film Festival 2012 and 5 other awards

IN THE DEEP directed by Nimisha Mukerji, written by Orsy Szabo and Nimisha Mukerji, produced by Anand Raghavan and Haydn Wazelle, DOP Lindsay George, music by Alayna Silverberg, starring Allan Harmon (Milos), Orsy Szabo (Jodi), Lane Edwards (Jason), June B. Wilde (Yoga Instructor) and Romeo Reyes (Tattoo Artist). 12 min., Drama, Crazy8s 2013 – Jodi’s mother passed away five years ago, and since then, her father has pretty well stopped living himself. In The Deep crafts a touching portrait of a father and daughter moving through grief towards a new understanding of connection and happiness. Allan Harmon was nominated for a Leo Award for Best Male Performance.

Episode 1 of CODED directed by Gary Harvey & Nigel Edwards. Storyhive 2015. Starring: Jarod Joseph, Rada Pop, Shay Lalor, Joshua Morettin, Xamantha Guerra, Matteo Cerullo, Angela Moore, Orsy Szabo, Joely Collins (Actress & Producer)


Trailers for films screening at the Vancouver International Film Festival running Sept 24 – Oct 9 including:

Trailer for Eadweard directed by Kyle Rideout, written by Josh Epstein and Kyle Rideout, produced by Josh Epstein, DOP Mirza, music by Andrew Penner and Anna Atkinson, starring Michael Eklund as Eadweard Muybridge, Sara Canning as Flora Muybridge, Christopher Heyerdahl as Pepper and Jonathon Young as Eakins. 104 min., Biopic, 2015 – Muybridge’s pioneering work in photography formed the foundation of cinema as we know it today, while explosive events in his personal life lead to the last recorded verdict of justifiable homicide. Framed around his single-minded pursuit of creating motion with static imagery, driven through his explosive ego and the neglect of his young wife, this is an intriguing, stylised portrayal of a man whose brilliance and ambition were equalled only by the destructive power of his own self-interest.,  Audience Choice Award, “Best Independent Feature Film and Best Cinematography” Maui Film Festival, “Best Narrative Feature and Best Cinematography” Nashville Film Festival, nominated for fifteen Leo Awards including ‘Best Picture’, ‘Best Director’ and won five, nominated for  “Best Feature Film” Brooklyn Film Festival, “Achievement in Cinematography” Newport Beach Film Festival.

Trailer for DEBRIS written and directed by John Bolton, produced by Shirley Vercruysse for the National Film Board of Canada, DOP Andrew Coppin, music by Scott Morgan, featuring Pete Clarkson. 15 min., documentary, 2015 – A fascinating portrait of Tofino, BC intertidal artist Pete Clarkson as he crafts – primarily out of mangled timber washed ashore from the other side of the ocean – his most ambitious and personal project to date: a memorial to the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

Trailer for MY FAVOURITE SEASON directed by Liz Cairns, written by Sophie Jarvis, produced by Geoff Manton, Shelby Manton, DOP Jeremy Cox, music by Project Pablo, Malaria, Section 25 and Colin Dodds, starring Corale Knowles as “Angie”, Sarah Madison Barrow as “Nell”, Aaron Hutchinson as “Kelly”, Arpad Balogh as “Sinker” and Eisah Baasit as “Julian”. 13 min., short narrative (coming-of-age drama), 2015 – After starting Grade 7 with an “F,” Nell looks to find solace in pancakes. She and Angie just need one last ingredient.

Plus trailers for:

ROCK THE BOX by Katherine Monk


NINTH FLOOR by Mina Shum

Plus trailers for international shorts including

The Formula (Die Formel)


The Train

Trailer for Project: Eugenics directed by Bojan Dulabic, written by Bojan Dulabic, produced by Bojan Dulabic and Najwan Stephan-Tozy, DOP Bojan Dulabic, music by Dave Chick, starring Thomas Nicholson, Kevin Eisler, Georgie Daburas, Jon MacIntyre, Nisreen Slim, Frank Bailey, Chris Gerard, Braye Dial, Vivian Davidson, Sean Harris Oliver, Lee Shorten, Darren Andrichuk, Logan Tarasoff and Zlatko Stipic. 80 min., Horror, 2015 – Over night the world turned into chaos. No one knows what happened. Some people are turning into mindless monsters, driven by their most primitive desires, while others remain the same. Survivors are trying to figure out what caused the outbreak. The terrifying truth leads to Project: Eugenics. Screening at Pacific Cinematheque Oct 13.



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