Past Show: Wednesday November 2nd


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Featuring a selection of great short films including the winner of the StoryHive Webseries 2016 Edition Grant


Intake for Animation now open

Also Final Registration Deadline for #Crazy8sFilms17

More info:

Call for Volunteers: for Front of House.

Arrive approx 6:15pm.

Free Entry & Drink. If interested:

Doors – 7:30pm      Show – 8:00pm       No Minors.

The ANZA Club, #3 West 8th Ave. at Ontario St., Vancouver, BC

Free Parking/close to Broadway/Main St bus routes/Skytrain


pay what you can sliding scale $5-$10 cash at door.

Twitter: celluloidsocial





Associate Producer STEPHANIE HALBER

Technical Direction by ANAISA VISSER

Webmaster & Hot Shot Shorts Producer ROBIN CHAN


Vancouver, B.C…The CELLULOID SOCIAL CLUB, monthly screenings featuring the best in independent provocative short films since 1997 followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker followed by networking & socializing. No Minors. Prizes galore.

INCONCEIVABLE directed by Joel McCarthy (I Love You So Much Its Killing Them), written by Joel McCarthy, Mike Doaga, and Rachel Kirkpatrick, produced by Nach Dudsdeemaytha and Marena Dix, DOP Shawn Seifert, music by Kyle Schreiner, Cezar White, and Jony Roy, starring Katie Stuart (Rita), Bruce Novakowski (Adam), Chantelle Naude (Trina), Shawn Richard (Tony), Mike Doaga (Mac), Justine Warrington (Doctor). 10:32 min., Comedy Drama, 2016 – After 6 months of a labeless, open-relationship Rita (spiritually minded 24 year old lesbian artist working as a mental health worker) and Adam (25 year old flamboyant, straight career obsessed filmmaker) decide that they are better off as friends than romantic partners. This realization changes drastically when a week later they find out they are pregnant due to a failed condom and a failed Plan b pill. After debating whether this anomaly is bad luck or destiny, Rita and Adam decide to keep the baby and enter the wild and crazy world of unplanned parenthood. The first season follows the stages of an unexpected pregnancy from an unconventional perspective, while navigating their family and societies traditional expectations. A true story of what to expect when you’re not expecting. StoryHive Webseries 2016 Edition Grant Recipient.

Moka Only – No directed by Michelle Kee (Mattress, Send Us Smokes), written by Michelle Kee, produced by Marena Dix, executive produced by Nic Bambrough for Beautiful Records, DOP Ian MacDougall, music by Moka Only, starring Moka Only, Matthew Graham, Jonathan Latham, Jaybee Bagunu, Carmen De Los Santos, Allie Mercer, Megan McDonald, Ava Dewhurst, Angela Dewhurst, Olivia Dewhurst, Mother Kee, Father Kee, Vance Hutchinson. 2:40 min., Music Video, 2015 – A series of sore winners shows off their true faces in Vancouver. Premiered on Complex.

Dial Y for Yesterday directed by Greg Crompton, written by Greg Crompton, produced by Darren Borrowman, DOP Jem Garrard (The Wolf Who Came to Dinner), music by Red Borrowman , starring Adam Kozlick as Pete, David Lewis as Rupert, Kelly Metzger as Judy. 14 min., Art House, Crazy8s 2014 – The only thing schlubby telemarketer Pete has to sustain himself through his solitary and neurotic existence are memories of a wonderful, bucolic childhood spent with Igor, his beloved dog. Given the opportunity, will Pete make a deal with a smooth-talking salesman to return to his childhood? Can you really go home again?

JIM, STEVE AND THE ZOMBIE CONVERSATION directed by Andrew Genaille, written by Andrew Genaille, produced by Robert Genaille, starring Andrew Genaille JIM, Robert Genaille STEVE. 3 min., animated, 2017 – Welcome to the Rez. Here you will find Steve, devoutly committed to defend his land and his people from the influx of zombies and other supernatural beings. With him is Jim, his slightly flabbergasted buddy, coming to terms with the way things are now. JIM, STEVE AND THE ZOMBIE CONVERSATION is the first episode of JIM & STEVE SAVE THE REZ  an animated web series written and directed by Andrew Genaille and featuring the voice talents of Andrew and Robert Genaille.

REZ CARZ Created by Clancy Dennehy (writer, director, dop and editor). Abandoned cars rest silently in fields for decades in remote native reservations, still holding secret conversations within their bodies. An all native cast starring Tantoo Cardinal (Dances with Wolves), Gary Farmer (Dead Man), Elle-Maija Tailfeathers (A Red Girl’s Reasoning), are unseen ghosts breathing life into pivotal moments of sex, birth and death. Funding courtesy of Bravo!FACT

Repetition: Behind the Madness of Iteration 1 Directed by Simon Ryder, produced by Arshia Navabi and executive produced by Mert Sari. DOP Luis Miguel Villarreal, Music by Drew Harris, 10:40 Mins, Documentary, 2016, Crazy8s is a contest that provides funding and support to emerging filmmakers. 6 teams are chosen out of hundreds of applicants. Each team is given 3 days to shoot and 5 days to finish the film. Iteration 1 was a finalist. This documentary is a look at those 3 days.

FOOD FLIX written, directed and produced by The Affolter Bros., DOP Heath & Thomas Affolter, animation by Jon & Nathan Affolter, music by Daniel Séguin, starring Mat Gilroy (Left to Blossom), Travis “T-Bone” Stoll. 6 min. (3eps x 2min), Animated Comedy, 2015 – Food Flix is a stop-motion/2D animated web series that parodies classic film scenes with fruits and vegetables in the starring roles. Food Flix – Your favourite films chopped up and served fresh! Awards: Best Animated Web Series – 2015 Vancouver Web Fest, Best Toon – 2015 San Francisco Web Fest, Best Comedy – 2015 Bilbao Web Fest, Best Web Series (nominee) – 2015 Leo Awards, Best Animation – 2016 Van Chan Awards, Best Production Design – 2016 Van Chan Awards

TRAILER for r a w* Written and Directed by David I. Strasser, Produced by, Arshia Navabi & Mert Sari, DOP, Raivo Kruze, Music by, James Morris, Starring, Jesse Platt as Jakob Levin, Katie Hayashida as Laura Hughes, Pauline Egan as Adele Levin, Moishe Teichman as Joseph Levin, and Julian Paul as Matt Hughes, 97 mins, Family, Drama, Romance, 2016. The film will be premiering at Whistler Film Festival in competition this year. Raw follows the story of a delinquent teen enchained by drug addiction, an ideological movement caught in the fire of extremism, and a grieving family. Seventeen-year-old Jakob Levin is sentenced by the courts to work on his uncle Joseph’s transformative organic farm on Salt Spring Island. After arriving on the farm, he discovers that there is more at stake than first appears. Screening at 2016 Whistler Film Festival.

TRAILER for LOST SOLACE written and directed by Chris Scheuerman, produced by Chris Scheuerman, Andrew Jenkins, Lori Triolo, David Angelski, DOP Thomas Billingsley, music by Daryl Bennett, starring Andrew Jenkins (Once Upon a Time), Melissa Roxburgh (Star Trek Beyond), Charlie Kerr (Cadence), Leah Gibson (The Returned), Michael Kopsa (Fringe), Jed Rees (Deadpool), Carmen Moore (Blackstone), Johannah Newmarch (The Weather Girl), Brendan Fletcher (The Revenant), psychological thriller / sci fi, 2016 – Winner Best Director Auckland International Film Festival – Spring 2016. Screening at 2016 Whistler Film Festival.

TRAILER for COOL DADDY directed by Roger Larry, produced by Paul Armstrong & Roger Larry, executive produced by Earl Hong Tai & Chris Phillips, featuring Kenny Colman and Chase Colman, production coordinators Ariadna Martinez & Stephanie Halber. COOL DADDY tells the musical story of a man desperately trying to be a good father after a lifetime spent trying to be a great star. In development with the CBC Documentary Channel. Like the FB Page at:



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