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Recap of the 2015 Hot Shot Shorts Contest

The Hot Shot Shorts Contest has completed another successful year. The purpose of the Contest is to provide sponsorship and monetary support to an exceptional local short film script that might not otherwise have the opportunity to be made into a film. The Contest was founded by Ed Brando (William F. White International Inc.), Paul Armstrong (Celluloid Social Club), Aaron Houston (‘Sunflower Hour’) & Scott Campbell. Started back in 2006, the contest has directly contributed to making six successful films.


This year’s winner and the contest’s seventh film is “Counter Act” by The Affolter Brothers, a team of four brothers who co-wrote the script. Together they will also produce and direct the film when it is slated to go into production this coming January with $10,000 of cash and additional production services the Contest Sponsors are providing.

“We are humbled, thrilled, and honoured that ‘Counter Act’ has been selected as the 2015 Hot Shot Shorts Contest winner! We’re extremely excited about sharing this story and hope it will be a film that contributes to the ongoing dialogue regarding relevant issues such as acceptance and equality. We’d like to thank everyone involved in the Hot Shot Shorts Contest, including the Producers, judges, generous sponsors, and other filmmakers. There have been some truly amazing films produced by the contest in the past, and we will strive to maintain the incredibly high standard set by the previous winners. We couldn’t be more elated!”

– Nathan, Jon, Heath and Thomas Affolter (The Affolter Bros.)


At two Celluloid Social Clubs events, writers submitted 77 scripts of up to 13 pages each. The scripts covered many genres from comedy to sci-fi. Initial judging was based solely on the merits of the script and its film-ability with the contest’s resources. From the 77 entries, our Team of Judges long listed 16 scripts to move onto a second round.

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